What’s Green & White and Covered in Hollandaise?


Experiencing the food culture is one of my favorite ways to get to know a place. I love sampling the local favorites, learning what’s in the grocery stores, and seeing the seasonal changes.

Here in Zurich, we have been enjoying asparagus season. Of course, asparagus is a common feature of spring in the US as well, but they really get excited about it here. Every grocery store has a prominent display of local white and green asparagus–and every restaurant has a special asparagus (spargel) menu. One of the most popular items is a portion of asparagus served with hollandaise sauce. Yum!



  1. This asparagus enthusiasm surprised me as well. I decided anyway that I couldn’t learn how to make million sauces just to go with the asparagus so I simply boiled them and garnished with some olive oil or I used them to make pasta sauce. I hope the neighbors didn’t notice or I am afraid you can get expelled for this 😉

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